» Land acquisition, clearing and preparation for planting
» Flexible payment plan
» Farm management services
» Free consultancy at the Agri-Clinic Centre
» Training on new farming techniques
» Agri Clinic
The clinic provides expert services and advice to farmers on cropping practices, technology dissemination, crop protection from pests & diseases, market trends and prices of various crops in the markets and also clinical services for animal health etc, which enhances productivity of crops / animals.

» Access to Central Bank of Nigeria anchor borrowers fund
» Membership of the produce export cluster group
» Access to a structured Market with produce end-users



AgroPark Development Company engages existing farmers who have a sizeable land for its contract farming initiative. The idea is to work with farmers who already have their farmlands but cannot fully maximize the use of the land due to lack of funds and manpower. We help farmers overcome the problem of low yield harvest and produce wastages which have been the bait of farmers over the years on their farm The intensity of the contractual arrangement varies according to the depth and complexity of the provisions in each of the following three areas:

» Market provision: The farmer and AgroPark agree to terms and conditions for the future sale and purchase of a crop or livestock product

» Resource provision: In conjunction with the marketing arrangements AgroPark agrees to supply selected inputs, including on occasions land preparation and technical advisory.


Management specifications: The farmer agrees to follow recommended production methods, inputs regimes, and cultivation and harvesting specifications.

harvest and produce wastages which have been the bait of farmers


Central water system for irrigation
Farm houses for residential purposes
Dry warehouse for storage
Internal security system
Testing and research centre
Training centre to learn new farming techniques
Well networked internal road system


Agro Park Model Farm is an experimental farm in which research and demonstrated improvements in agricultural techniques, efficiency and building layout are carried out.
Our objective is to impact prospective and practicing farmers with the needed practical knowledge of new farming initiatives and also make sure that our visitors leave with an interesting experience of modern day agriculture.